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Collection of Rent Arrears

England and Wales:
A) Small Claim Summons

We arrange the preparation and drafting of a small claims summons. This strategy can be suitable for debts up to £10,000.

Cost £189.00 plus VAT, plus court fee.

B) Attachment Of Earnings

For Client's that have utilised our Tenant Tracing service or where the location of the tenants employer is known it may be appropriate to invoke an attachment of earnings application.

Particularly where a judgement has been obtained its recovery is often possible via this method whereby the tenants employer deducts the debt direct from their salary.

Cost £289.00 plus VAT plus court fee 

C) Third Party Debt Order

A third party debt order is an order to a third party who owes money to the defendant to pay it to the Claimant instead. Most orders are aimed at the defendants bank account. In certain circumstances this can be a suitable method of reclaiming debts from defaulting tenants.

Cost £275.00 plus VAT plus court fee

D) Charging Order

Where the tenant and/or any guarantor is the legal owner of a property, and we have obtained a money judgment from the County Court, we can arrange for the application to be made on your behalf, to obtain a charging order on the property. This means the property cannot be sold or remortgaged without the debt being attended to.

Cost £489.00 plus VAT plus court fee

E) Bailiffs Execution Of Goods

Landlord Assist can organise instruction for the county court bailiffs to attend the debtor's address and attempt to seize the debtors goods set against the money order obtained against the tenant.

Cost £139.00 plus VAT plus court fee
Alternatively the debt can be transferred to the High Court to allow collection via a High Court Enforcement Officer. Such enforcement Officers collection rates are monitored by the Ministry of Justice and the national average collection rate is 67p in the pound. There is a £60 plus VAT abort fee in the event that the debt cannot be collected.
Cost 15% of the debt collected  plus court fee.

A) Small Claims Action:
We will arrange for the preparation and drafting of the claim. Potentially suitable where the debt is up to £3,000. In the event that the claim is for more than £3,000 then a Summary Cause Summons can be issued.
Cost £199.00 plus VAT plus court fee
B) Earnings Arrestment:
For Clients that have utilised our tenant tracing service or know where their tenant is now residing we can arrange for an application to be made whereby the employer of the tenant will make deductions from their salary to repay the debt owed.
Cost £289.00 plus VAT plus court fee
C) Inhibition Order:
Where the tenant or Guarantor is the owner of a property we can arrange to make an application to the courts on your behalf for an inhibition order so that the property cannot be sold nor transferred without the debt being attended to.
Cost: £475.00 plus VAT plus court fee
D) Exceptional Arrestment:
This method is used to engage a sherriff officer to attend the premises and seize goods which will be used to repay the debt.
Cost: £139.00 plus VAT plus court fee