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Rent Arrears debt collection - Tenant not paying rent.

Many landlords have a tenant not paying rent. But the question is always "How to recover rent arrears?"

We are able to offer a Debt Collection service throughout England and Wales whereby we can arrange for attempts to be made to collect property debts on a no collect no fee basis.

We undertake commercial rent arrears recovery and residential rent arrears recovery.

This is a superb option for landlords who have a judgement debt against a tenant or guarantor but are reluctant to invest any more money in its collection.

We can arrange for a regulated firm of solicitors to handle the matter and will retain 50% of any monies collected.

The amount we retain is significant for the following reasons:
1. We invest a lot of time, energy and expense in trying to collect the debt.
2.  We engage third parties to assist in the collection of your debt.
3.  Collection is not just a matter of a telephone call. It requires the correct, thorough approach to yield results.
4.  We have to cover ourselves for efforts we put in that may not yield any return.
5.  Those who undertake collection activities need to be suitably incentivised.
6.  Fees are required to ensure we can continue to offer this service as  completely No Win No Fee.

Arguably you have nothing to lose. If we cannot collect any money then you will not have to pay penny - It is as simple as that.

Contact us for a free, no obligation, case review and allow us to give you some debt collection guidance. Then, if we feel there is merit in pursuing the matter then we can get started for you.